French fries – my comfort food

I have to come to realize that french fries are my ultimate comfort food and have been for some time.  There is truly nothing like a great french fry!  It is satisfying on all levels.  They are the perfect accompaniment but are a meal all on their own also. The hot crispiness on the outside and the warm good goodness on the inside – the perfect combination!

I recently was in London for work and I stumbled across this Mexican restaurant called Dos Tacos.  Now, I love a great taco, so I put in my order for 2 carne asada tacos to start!  However, the hostess misunderstood me.  So when they were assembling my order, the cook asked whether I wanted cheese on  my fries and I was pleasantly surprised that it came with fries, so I answered yes.  He then started asking about other toppings and we realized that he was assembling carne asada fries – not tacos.  Deciding to go with the flow, he covered my fries with steak, salsa, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, sour cream, guacamole and presented it to me.  That order of fries was phenomenal!  I took it back to my hotel room and could not stop eating them!  Every bite was delicious.  And it was not just the toppings.  The fries were fresh and home made and that made a world of difference!

Have you had the garlic fries at Earl’s?  They come with a garlic aioli dipping sauce and there are pieces of garlic in the fries – they are glorious.  I have cravings for them all the time.

And the sweet potato fries at Baton Rouge – DELICIOUS!

Now – my other go to has become the butter chicken fries at New York Fries.  Who knew that butter chicken covering fries and cheese curds could taste so amazing!  They are great as a lunch meal and provide a comfort that I enjoy to every last bite!

Where did my love of fries come from?  The source of all cooking – my mom!  She used to make home made french fries  – plates of them, as a snack and all you would need was ketchup and let the games begin.  They were best hot out of the frying pan.

Being Trinidadian, another variation of these fries were to serve them as an accompaniment to a tin of salmon mixed with salt, pepper, onion and lemon juice, hot fresh rice and fresh hot french fries on the side.  Any person from the Caribbean will tell you that this is a great comfort food.  I miss those fries.  My mom had the touch when making those fries!  One of my biggest regrets is that I enjoyed my mom’s food, taking for granted she would always be here to teach me her recipes and she is no longer here.  I try to recreate her recipes for my kids, but find that something is always missing…..That will be my ongoing challenge for myself.

Funny how some childhood likes, we grow out of, but french fries have been constant for me.  They have always provided comfort and they always remind me that my mom set the bar high for the fries, and that nothing less than fresh, hot and homemade, will be accepted.

But that’s just one Diva’s view.



2 thoughts on “French fries – my comfort food”

  1. I am now going out in the rain, to get some fries!! Mouthwatering blog.
    In a different context, I had written about fries in an earlier bog, quoting this extract from Jean Domin-Bauby’s The Diving Bell and The Butterfly. He was left completely paralyzed and “wrote” his book using the blink of a single functional eye to pick alphabets and thus painstakingly “dictate” the entire book.
    “Finally we reach the farthest point of our journey, the very end of the promenade. I have not insisted on coming all this way just to gaze at the flawless seascape. I have come to gorge on the aromas emanating from a modest shack by the path leading away from the beach. Claude and Brice bring me to a halt downwind. My nostrils quiver with pleasure as they inhale a robust odor – intoxicating to me but one that most mortals cannot abide. ‘Oooh!’ says a disgusted voice behind me, ‘What a stench!’ But I never tire of the smell of French fries”! He too, loved his fries ….


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