The love of laughter and playfulness!

I have always been someone who loves to laugh.  Not polite giggles, but full out belly laughs, rolling on the ground with laughter, kind of a girl.  When I was a little girl, I was the mischievous little miss who liked to be silly and loved to tickle others, be chased and was laughing the entire time.  Most of my childhood photos show me with a mischievous grin!  I definitely get this aspect from my mom, who taught me how to be silly and have carefree fun!

When I was in residence for university, the common refrain was that even with my door closed, if I was watching a sitcom or funny movie, you could hear my laughter down the hall.

When I started working full time, I loved pranking people, sending e-mails and calling using an alias.  It used to really add fun to work and make it less dry!

While I was pregnant, I made a point of watching really funny things because I wanted the kids in uterto to experience my joy and mirth.  I really do believe that joy and laughter is transferable!

But then everything collided together.  The workplace started enforcing some very strict measures, which made me feel that the pranks were no longer appropriate, especially as I became more senior.  I had kids and there was less and less time for me.  Although I love being silly with the kids, I am often the strict parent, which requires me to be the disciplinarian, the one who ensures the schedule is followed and keeps everything on track.

But lately, I have not been laughing as much.  I still kid around and have fun with my kids, but full out belly laughs are rare and I have to admit that I miss them.  I miss how I feel when I am full of mirth and laughter.  I miss being silly.  Do other people feel like that?

I recently watched a show where they showed in India, there are laughing clubs where people come together in the morning, before work, simply to laugh.  And at first, the laughter appears to be forced but then its contagiousness and joy spreads and the laughter becomes free and natural.  The dynamics of this type of club appeal to me.  Imagine just spending time on laughter!  The belief is that laughter is the best medicine and those people that are happy and full of joy, live healthier and of course, happier lives.

I now understand why adults go and see more comedies and watch more comedy specials.  Because unfortunately, for some of us, not in control of our work environment, and being so busy with life, the laughter and the ensuing silliness becomes rare.

And I have to admit, that without the laughter, I have started to notice that I am just not as happy.  And so more than meditating and finding my zen, I am trying to find ways to bring back the belly laughs into my life.  I am hopeful that by being conscious of seeking it out, it will become infused back into my life.   Now if only I could find a television show that causes me to laugh like Cheers and Everybody Loves Raymond did…..I would be set.

But that’s just one Diva’s view.






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