Everyday happiness for “me”

We should not be waiting for one big moment of happiness. It’s the little happy things we experience every day that bring real joy!

What gives you daily joy?  Is it your daily cup of coffee?  Is it your early morning workout?  Is it walking through the door to be greeted by loved ones? Is it sitting at your desk and starting off your day?

We all have certain parts of our day, which provide a moment of joy for us, and which never gets old and continues to nurture.  For me, cuddling and spending time with my kids in the morning gives me peace.  Kissing my husband good bye before he leaves to go out and telling him I love him, gives me joy.  Listening to great music in my car and pretending that I am on stage, singing along, gives me happiness.  Reading a few pages or chapters everyday of a good book nourishes me.  All of these are a vital part of my day.  When these key things are missed, my day is thrown off.  I feel like I am not complete and even though I know that are other variables on a daily basis on an intellectual level, on an emotional level, it bothers me when my joys are not present.

I am a Taurus – and we like the everyday and no surprises.  I have no problem with routine and like following the same routine, as long as I have my moments of joy.

With the weather warming up, I am looking forward to my other joy – going for walks.  Don’t get me wrong – I’ll walk in the winter, but the joy I get from a walk in the spring, summer and early fall, cannot compare.  I always try to incorporate a nice long walk into my lunch time or my days off because it just makes me feel better.

I get that from my dad.  He used to go for walks almost everyday in his later years and when I was younger, always on the week-end.  He would often let me join him on the week-ends, but was clear in saying that he was not going to slow down his pace for me.  So, I would be nearly running to keep up, but I really enjoyed those walks.  It was my one on one time with my dad and we talked about everything and anything.  He never catered the conversation to my age.  He made it age appropriate but he always ensured that we had intelligent conversations, which gave me confidence to always articulate my point of view, a trait that has carried forward in my career in law.

As I grew older, that fast pace in walking stayed with me and friends would often tease me about it but that never slowed me down.  And in fact, it contributed to my solo walks.   I think quality time by yourself is important to mental health.

I remember the last walk I went on with my dad – we were downtown and we were looking at apartments for me.  We had an appointment and were running behind but given our quick pace, I knew we would make it.  However, since I had been away at university and law school, it had been a while since I had gone on a walk with my dad and I was surprised when he asked me to slow down, so that he could keep up.  In that instance, I realized that my father had gotten older without me realizing it.  It made me sad.  We made it to the appointment, but I slowed my pace, as I am sure my dad had done on our walks together – the circle of life.

It was the last time I would go on a walk with my dad.

But my love of walking and the peace it gives me was a gift given by my dad, that continues today.  Even when we are away on vacation, I always go for a long walk on the beach and just take in the moment.  The joy of walking remains vital to me, and is a part of my everyday happiness.  Thanks dad!  These are the joys that sustain me!



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