Do better!

Honestly – “do better” is a refrain that has been running through my thoughts on repeat.

Yesterday, I was asked to justify whether the term genocide was appropriate for the treatment of aboriginal women.  Instead of focusing on the appropriateness of the term – DO BETTER BY THESE WOMEN!  They are targets of violence, in a systemic cycle where they do not have access to proper education, drinking water or a system that wants to see them succeed  – DO BETTER!

Yesterday, the Law Society on Ontario was under some attack for scheduling the Bar Admission Course during EID and their response was that the students could write the exam at other times in the year.  Most law firms require their incoming articling students to have written and completed their exams before starting articles.  The other times in the year do not accommodate this requirement.  The Law Society is supposed to be mindful of all of its members and students and not provide a trite response.  DO BETTER!

We are in an age where cut backs to education and healthcare are seen as the only options.  How do we expect to be a society that has a future of successful contributing citizens when we are not willing to invest in these key issues?  I can only see my family doctor about one issue at a time.  If I elect to go to a walk in clinic in an emergency, there is a possibility I could lose my family doctor.  My kids are destined to be in an overcrowded classroom where their needs and development will be ignored for the greater mass.  DO BETTER!

We live in an age where immigration and immigrants are a target of hate and taunts to go back to their homeland.  Have we forgotten that we do not have a population large enough to support our economy and need the immigrants, especially since we are cutting back on education and therefore, require the skilled work force from abroad?  The right wing uprising is a direct reaction to this fear mongering.  In Denmark, immigrants are forced to give up their jewelry to fund their health care and treatment – is that what we have become?  Where is our compassion?  Illegal immigrant children in the US are separated from their parents – I cannot imagine – and are living in camps where now their education is being cut – DO BETTER!

I honestly am scared right now for the future of my kids.  It is 2019 and in my profession, I am referred to as a “racialized licensee” a term that is more of a throwback to the 1960s than a reflection of our current times.  Male colleagues now in the upswing of the ME TOO movement, are extra careful in their dealings with female colleagues and instead, there is more division as opposed to inclusion.  I receive looks of hate just for my skin colour and appearance.  Whatever progress we made, is eroding and I worry about what the new world will look like.

But that’s just one Diva’s view……

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