My Magic Coat

Historically – there are so many memorable and iconic coats. Joseph, from the Bible, was known for his coat. Dolly Parton’s mom made her a special coat. I have a magic coat also.

Like most of my items, I purchased it online. It immediately caught my eye, because it is a patchwork design similar to those seen on many Gujarati fabrics. It is colourful, with different patterns, and it has a distinctive South Asian feel. I had never seen a coat like it before. I specifically curate a look with South Asian touches. I love the fabrics, colours and textiles from the South Asian subcontinent and I always feel my best, when I have a South Asian feel.

And as is the case with most on line purchases, you are taking a risk, but when the coat arrived, it totally delivered. It is super warm, fits well and has all of the colours and designs, as shown online! I loved it and that was all that mattered to me. I purchased it at the beginning of the pandemic and it was a little bit of whimsy and style, during an otherwise bleak time.

I would wear it on walks with the kids and when I would get groceries. So many people, while I was grocery shopping, would compliment me on the coat and said that they loved its brightness! That would add some brightness to me, when grocery shopping, during an unsettling time. I have also been asked where I purchased the coat, and I am always one of those people who shares the information.

So much joy from my coat. But the ultimate happened this past week-end. We have a South Asian grocery store close to us, where I purchase certain South Asian foods on occasion. It was super quiet Saturday morning, for some reason, because typically, there is a line up to get inside the store. While I was walking in the aisles, the owner saw my coat and I saw her motion to another employee at the store, to check out my coat. I had grown accustomed to this now, given that it was coming on a year that I had bought this coat. Typically, my exchanges with the owner are quite perfunctory. But on Saturday, she completed my check out and she was nothing but friendly. It was if the coat had broken through a barrier between us and we pleasantly chatted throughout my checkout. The coat had worked its magic, yet again!

Now – I know that material items should not cause joy or happiness, but I think that in this case, the coat is magical. In a time full of dark and bleakness, this coat offers brightness and colour. In a time where people are being harassed for their ethnic background, this coat, is unequivocally South Asian and welcomes compliments from everyone. In a time where people are struggling through the Ground Hog day mentality, this coat, gives me an opportunity to cloak myself in joy, and feel like I am finding some light!

During a time when things have become even more bleak than before, especially in Ontario, it is nice to know that we all have something outside of our family and friends, that can provide a ray of light. My magic coat, provides that joy to me and those who are around it. I hope that you have your own version of a magic coat, to get through these days. This too shall pass.

But that’s just one Diva’s view.

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