Top 5 Albums by Female Singers

At a recent firm event, I asked the lawyers to spontaneously list their top 5 favourite albums of all time. The list was a mixture of male bands and male singers and I kept pointing out that no one was listing any female singers or groups, which upset me.

And I also found it interesting that no one asked me to provide my top 5 list. But in any event, I have decided to focus on my top 5 female albums, just to add it to the atmosphere.

I have said this pick before, but: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is still one of the most creative, inspiring and artistic albums of all time. I can listen to it on repeat and each time, I feel tingles. An album for the ages and although she has released other music which I adore, this album was just perfection!!

Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morisette – for my generation, this was the album that sustained me through university and still rings out now. It was edgy, it was beautiful and it spoke to us.

Frank – Amy Winehouse – I bought this CD when I was first practicing law and I was just in awe. Not many people knew of Amy Winehouse and she sounded like I wish I could sound. Her musicality and interpretation of her music was just awesomely cool. What a voice and what a loss.

21 – Adele – I love the women that come out of the UK – Dusty Springfield, Duffy, Joss Stone – the mix of soul and rawness and Adele incapsulates all of it and then her honesty brings us in. She knows what we have felt in heart ache and has us rolling in the deep.

Lovers Rock – Sade – This is my warm blanket. The CD that soothes me. Gives me peace and joy. Gives me light. I cannot say enough about this CD because this CD gave me clarity about love.

Honourable Mentions – Beyonce – Lemonade, Carole King – Tapestry, Aretha Franklin’s Greatest Hits….I have a lot to list.

But that’s just one Diva’s view.

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