Street gang; How we got to Sesame Street

Yesterday, I stumbled across the HBO documentary about Sesame Street and my heart was full. For those of you like me, who were born in the 70’s, Sesame Street was a huge part of my life. Watching the documentary about why it resonated and the purposeful manner in which it was created, added to my love of the show. Those characters, both real life and puppets, remain in my psyche today and it was so nice to revisit them in such a meaningful way. And the documentary really emphasizes something we are purposefully advocating today – representation matters.

Even though there were few South Asians on the show, there were many Black and Latino characters, and as a child, those were the characters I loved. Gordon, Maria, Susan, Luis – they were comforting to watch. People had accents, like in my world and there were different skin tones, just like in my family.

My childhood was pretty structured. There was a period of time, where my mom was going to school and my father was working nights. He took care of me during the day. As an engineer by training and in personality, our days were pretty regimented. We had 1 car growing up and my mom attended the Humber College campus on Lakeshore in Etobicoke and we lived in Mississauga. My dad and I would drop off my mom at school and then my dad would take me to a park – down by the lake, High Park, the forks of the Credit Valley – you name it, my dad took us. And it was a brisk walk – not play time only. Exercise would make me strong, was the belief. But when I tired out, my dad would prop me onto his shoulders and continue his walk. Unfortunately, I was pretty mischievous as a child and in the winter, while on his shoulders, I loved to pull his hat over his eyes. Caused me giggles. I never felt safer than when I was up on my dad’s shoulders. We would then return home for a big breakfast, and then the day proceeded to schedule. Bath time, Mr. Dress Up and Sesame Street on TV, lunch and then nap time. I was always learning something in the afternoon – drawing, math, English, music – you name it. Then it was time for the switch – mom came home and dad left for his job as a security guard. Like most immigrants, it took time for him to finally receive an engineering job.

And watching the documentary, took me back to that time in my life, where my dad was a big part of my life and where our bond really grew. He really took care of me and would do my hair (for the 70’s – a big deal) and introduced me to the world and expand my horizons. I am blessed to have those days and memories to look upon. And just as explained in the documentary, he would sometimes watch Sesame Street with me, and I enjoyed that the best, because it felt like another shared experience.

And now, with the 3 kids of my own, when they have down time, they love to chill out and hang out with my husband and I. Whether it is watching a movie, cooking or playing games – they like it better when it is with us and when I reflect on my childhood like I did last night, I appreciate why, even more.

And watching the Sesame Street documentary – I felt really fortunate that I had those role models on TV growing up – they made a difference to my life. Ask any of us from that era and we know the number counting song, can sing about Rubber Ducky and understand the pain of feeling different being “green”. Thank you Sesame Street for providing such a great foundation and example which has so positively influenced the world today and especially myself – it makes a difference!

But that’s just one Diva’s view.

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Look like a stewardess

I was recently taking yet again, another professional profile photo. The photographer was great – good attention to detail, provided good direction and overall stated, “present a professional and approachable image – one where a client would be interested in retaining you”. That worked for me.

But then another individual in the room piped up, “Look like a stewardess!”

I understand that this person was trying to condense the direction being provided by the photographer, but in this day and age, is that the direction we want to provide to our female lawyers, let alone our female partners? Because, and I know you know what I am going to say, the direction of looking like a stewardess would never be directed to any of the male lawyers taking the photo. In fact – I would be curious to determine what concise term was used. Was it, “look like a Boss!” or “look powerful”?

Seriously – why hasn’t there been an evolution in the business world? In order for someone like me to attract the attention of a client with my profile photo, I have to look a certain way? In fact, even the direction regarding how to dress for the photo was puzzling – no bare shoulders!!

Well – having just finished Marie Henein’s book, “Nothing but the truth”, where she ridicules such requests for photos, I decided to dress in the manner in which I was comfortable and in keeping with my brand. And in some of the photos, my bare shoulders were showing. But that’s ok, because in taking the photo, I decided to channel my inner Beyonce, Marie Henein and … mom. Because my mom would have been loud, confident, stylish and perfectly herself. And really, in the end, many times, we are a manifestation of our parents’ dreams. Especially for my mom, her life was decided for her because of her family dynamic and she really had no control about major decisions in her life. But she wanted a different life for me. One where I had control over my being and could make decisions for myself and direct my life.

And so I channeled that energy into my photo. Whenever I take a professional photo, I always wear a piece of jewelry given to me by my mom. This time – it was my earrings. It makes me feel like she is a part of the photo.

And as an aside, the look of the flight attendant in today’s modern world has been changing. Many airlines are now embracing a more comfortable uniform for their flight attendants and no longer do they have to look uniform but can represent a diversity of ages and backgrounds. So – perhaps that was what was meant with the direction, look like a stewardess? I like to give the benefit of the doubt.

But that’s just one Diva’s view.

Musicals and solo movie outtings

My dad used to go to the movies alone. He loved movies and when he needed a night to himself, going to see a movie was a nice outlet. I remember growing up, I had the opposite feeling. I always wanted to go to the movies with my friends. A group of us looking forward to a new release, buying tickets in advance – it was a lot of fun. But then I started having a few instances where I wished I had gone on my own. You know that feeling when you are sitting beside someone who is not loving the movie and in fact the opposite – is hating the movie and you can feel their negative energy affect your movie watching experience?

It happened during Moulin Rouge. Which is a musical – which I love, but for me Moulin Rouge was mind breaking and innovative and I was enthralled. But not my friend sitting beside me. She hated it. And she let her distaste be known with sighs and comments to the point where I wanted to move away from her because I was loving the movie and she was ruining my experience. I mean – I loved the movie so much that my other friends and I all bought the soundtrack and we would belt those songs out when driving somewhere or just hanging out, for months afterward. Who knew that Obi Wan could belt out the songs like he did!

And for me, that was the last straw. I never wanted to have someone else’s energy affecting me in the movie theatre. And so I embraced the movie attending solo experience. And especially after having kids, it was nice “me” time. I remember when I was pregnant the first time with my girls, a colleague told me to go to the movie theatre as many times possible because after kids, that was one experience that would disappear for a while.

In fact, I prefer going to see movies on my own. What is the point in going with another person? If I want to talk about the movie, I can speak to them after we have both seen it. I don’t like to talk to people during movies. And usually, if the movie runs late, you are not discussing the movie afterwards anyway.

And I remember I was so glad making this decision when I went to see Dreamgirls. And although it is not everyone’s cup of tea, I really enjoyed it. But again, sitting in the movie theatre, with both seats beside me empty, gave me the peace to just immerse myself in the movie, which I did. And don’t get me wrong – I have seen other movies on my own, such as Avengers End Game, Black Panther, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Jumping the Broom etc… it is not all musicals for me.

And going to the movies alone, is not being alone because the majority of the people in the theatre want to see the movie also and the enjoyment of laughing or being startled together, is a pretty uniting feature.

But musicals for me are a very personal experience. I love music and I love films and when a musical is done right – it is perfection. Watching The Sound of Music every Christmas season just adds to the holidays. I still remember the first I saw it (I was 5) and how enthralled I was with it. Or the first time I saw West Side Story and how I cry every time at the end, with Natalie Woods impassioned speech. Or the first time I saw Funny Girl and could not believe how talented and stylish Barbara Streisand was and is. I had the My Fair Lady soundtrack when I was younger, and again, thought the movie was perfect, especially with Audrey Hepburn, and those amazing dresses she wore – simply magical.

Musicals are comforting to me – a warm blanket of beautiful songs, singing and stories. I was so happy to see that the legacy continued with La La Land, which modernized the musical but stayed true to its roots – perfection. And musicals are probably comforting to me because most Hindi movies I watched as a child were full of beautiful songs and dancing – my appreciation of musicals is probably a part of my DNA.

And so, with the pandemic restrictions lifting, I am looking forward to my next solo movie experience. I am thinking the new West Side Story in December is calling my name…..

But that’s just one Diva’s view.

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Being late and other etiquette

I grew up in a family that did not tolerate being late. In fact, we were early to most events. We never had that feeling of missing an event or being disrespectful, by being late.

Before my mom passed, I would go over every Saturday to run errands with her. If I was 5 minutes late, I knew that my cell phone would start ringing because 5 minutes to my mom was like an hour. That’s who she was.

However, it made it challenging when I was in my teens. Teens are notorious for running late. Growing up as a girl, in a conservative South Asian household, the ability to go out with friends was rare and so in those instances when I could go out, I was ready and waiting to leave and have a night out. I remember one night when my friends were over an hour late. At that point, there was no point going out because my curfew was super early when I was in high school – a point which was made clear by my dad when my friends finally showed up and then promptly left without me.

However – it is true; the values that are instilled into us, remain a part of who we are. Even now, I hate being late. But I have accepted that it is a part of life, especially back when I had 3 toddlers, who often had other ideas on what was required to leave the house.

But given my work, being on time or being early is vital. Many important and game changing discussions happen during that being early time frame. Many final decisions regarding strategy happen in that early time frame.

However, what I have been finding lately, that the same consideration for my time, is not being met. I am often sitting on a Zoom call or Teams meeting, waiting for someone to appear and not knowing what is causing the delay. I have turned into my mom, because if 5 minutes has passed and no one attends, or has communicated to me a technical issue (because they happen), I have no patience for this and leave the call. As a courtesy, I will follow up to ensure that there was no miscommunication regarding timing or that everything is alright. And I have to advise in all of these instances, there have rarely been issues. It really has been about not appreciating my time or having respect for my time and I have to say, that always leave an uncomfortable feeling with me.

We are living in a time where we are dispensing with a lot of formalities. When I was articling (apprenticeship), I was advised on my first day, which lawyers I could refer to by their first name and which lawyers required me to call them Mr. So and so. When I articled, there were not many female lawyers of that vintage and the ones that were there, did not require the formality, probably as a result of the fight that they had had to go through in reaching the level of success during that time. But I digress. Fast forward to today’s firms and I don’t know any lawyer who requires such formal address.

However, that being said, often times the lack of formality leads younger lawyers and students, to feel that they can be informal, which can sometimes results in unprofessional behaviour or decisions.

Being yourself and being authentic, does not mean sacrificing professionalism.

And wanting people to feel invested in you and your success results in a reciprocal feeling of respect. And so those lessons which were drilled into us when we were young – still make an impact. Being polite, being on time and being professional – they signal that you are taking things seriously and that you want to be taken seriously.

Perhaps I am wrong and perhaps these qualities will start to erode, but the edict that continues to live on, especially in law, is that time is money. So take that for what its worth.

But that’s just one Diva’s view.

Very Superstitious……

I am pretty sure that my superstitious nature is directly from my mother. My entire West Indian side of the family is extremely superstitious. We check our horoscopes everyday, we pay attention to the messages in our dreams, we do not directly pass spicy condiments to another person, but lay them on the table, to be picked up – that kind of superstitious.

And for those of you who are not superstitious, you may think of this type of behaviour as odd and limiting, but for me, just the opposite. I find it comforting and passing down beliefs from previous generations. Just knowing that my mom, my grandmother and onwards carried out these same practices makes me feel like I am a part of something …..bigger!

But , superstitious behaviour is more than just having beliefs. Scientifically, superstitions allow people to explain events that otherwise seem random or inexplicable and to feel they have a measure of control over outcomes that would otherwise seem out of their hands. (

But they also allow us to learn beliefs and practices from other cultures also.

From my Asian friends, I have learned about Chinese New Year and everyone in our household knows what year they were born under and what attributes they have. I also know what charms to buy for that year, to protect my family and myself. It makes you feel like you are actively aware of bad things, but instead of passively allowing them, you are doing something to avoid it.

From my Italian friends, I know that on New Year’s Eve, I am supposed to wear red underwear and eat lentils to usher in a good year.

These are but a few of the superstitions that we have incorporated into our lives and I know that our friends have incorporated some of our beliefs – and that’s great. It means that we do not always have to have a scientific explanation for everything – sometimes we just go on faith and belief and that provides a commonality between us, which is always a great thing!

Especially now – not everything can be explained. But it helps to be accepting and open to others and create different bonds of understanding.

And Stevie Wonder would not write one of the all time greatest songs about the concept, if there wasn’t something there, would he?

But that’s just one Diva’s view.

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Top 5 Albums by Female Singers

At a recent firm event, I asked the lawyers to spontaneously list their top 5 favourite albums of all time. The list was a mixture of male bands and male singers and I kept pointing out that no one was listing any female singers or groups, which upset me.

And I also found it interesting that no one asked me to provide my top 5 list. But in any event, I have decided to focus on my top 5 female albums, just to add it to the atmosphere.

I have said this pick before, but: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is still one of the most creative, inspiring and artistic albums of all time. I can listen to it on repeat and each time, I feel tingles. An album for the ages and although she has released other music which I adore, this album was just perfection!!

Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morisette – for my generation, this was the album that sustained me through university and still rings out now. It was edgy, it was beautiful and it spoke to us.

Frank – Amy Winehouse – I bought this CD when I was first practicing law and I was just in awe. Not many people knew of Amy Winehouse and she sounded like I wish I could sound. Her musicality and interpretation of her music was just awesomely cool. What a voice and what a loss.

21 – Adele – I love the women that come out of the UK – Dusty Springfield, Duffy, Joss Stone – the mix of soul and rawness and Adele incapsulates all of it and then her honesty brings us in. She knows what we have felt in heart ache and has us rolling in the deep.

Lovers Rock – Sade – This is my warm blanket. The CD that soothes me. Gives me peace and joy. Gives me light. I cannot say enough about this CD because this CD gave me clarity about love.

Honourable Mentions – Beyonce – Lemonade, Carole King – Tapestry, Aretha Franklin’s Greatest Hits….I have a lot to list.

But that’s just one Diva’s view.

This is that time in your life…

When I first started working, I liked to be at my office early. I liked the quiet and the ability to work uninterrupted. I would often put in a 12-13 hour days and would work on the week-ends.

But there has to be more to life than work.

After I got married, I continued to work the same hours or longer during the week but on the week-end, my husband and I were enjoying spending time together. We both had demanding jobs, but wanted to have time together.

This was the time for us.

And then we got pregnant and all of a sudden, I was in and out of medical appointments and towards the end of my pregnancy, I was having weekly appointments. And when you are pregnant and leaving for appointments, no one dares to comment, so life continues.

But then I was on maternity leave and having a busy legal practice meant that I had to stay connected with clients to ensure that I had clients to return to when my maternity leave ended. And so often, I was doing a telephone meeting, with one baby (I had twins) who refused to sleep during the designated nap time. And the guilt slowly starts to seep in. You feel like you are letting everyone down, and no one is thinking this but you (hopefully)!

And during my maternity leave, we decided to move from the City to the suburbs which meant that my commute time was going to be more than doubled. And the ability to be at the office early, was no longer. I was now governed by a new schedule, taking into account my commute to work and ensuring that my day included time with my kids. And so to make it home for 6pm and take over childcare, I started that early departure from work at 5pm. And everyday, I would try to leave without drawing any attention to my departure and would pray that no one would look for me or need me for something. It starts to drain on you, this daily covert exercise.

I have read that many mothers enjoyed not having to deal with this part of their day, as a result of the pandemic and working from home and I totally understand and relate. And I am sorry – but this is still a female issue. If a male colleague leaves early for childcare or to take children for an extra curricular activity, they are still revered for being great dads. On the other hand, when a woman has to leave early, the sentiment expressed in the Corporate world is – this is why you try to avoid hiring young women or mothers – because they always leave early, their kids constantly need them – you name it!

And now, I am at a stage in life where my kids are older and more independent, but still need us for key things. Due to the pandemic, we no longer are receiving assistance in terms of childcare and my husband is the superstar who is taking them to and from school and we are sharing the responsibilities at the house. In the mornings, my girls, who have long hair, still need help doing their hair. Because of this, I get into the office (switched to an office closer to home), still later than I would like. However, I no longer skulk into the office trying to hide the fact of when I get in. And I am no longer feeling guilt for spending time with the kids in the morning. Because in 1 or 2 years, when the girls are able to do their hair on their own, I will be able to move my timings up and might be in the office earlier.

And so for this period of time, which in the grand scheme of life, is short, I am no longer feeling guilt for leaving work to make it home for whatever activity they have or to deal with….whatever. Because in the blink of an eye, they will be out of the house, moving forward with their lives and I never want to be in a position looking back, wishing I had made time with them, activities with them – just anything… more of a priority. I don’t want to have those moments. And so, I have come to that understanding with myself, that this is where I am, at this period of time and like anything, it changes quickly – you have to adapt.

But that’s just one Diva’s view!

I hate being……. cold at work

Since I started working in an office environment, I have had to deal with the same issue – being freezing cold at the office, especially during the summer. This is especially challenging for summer fashion and style, but it speaks to something deeper.

It is 2021 -I just want to confirm that. Since 1993, this same issue has plagued me, no matter what office I have worked at – the over cooling of the office place. I am not requesting that there be no A/C. However, when my fellow colleagues and I have to wrap ourselves with shawls and heavy sweaters, to make it through a work day, I draw the line. Especially, when you walk outside and are greeted with gorgeous warm temperatures and you have to peel off the extra layers, and deal with a 15 degree difference in temperature (feels like it!)

So in 2021 – why can’t we modulate the temperature, so that is best suited for everyone at work ?Why don’t we stop catering to a select few, who need the A/C turned up that high, who, ironically, always appear to be the decision makers?

I am lucky to have a private office space and just as it was at my previous work spaces, I have a thermostat in my office – WHICH IS PURELY DECORATIVE!! It does not allow me to have any control of my office temps at all. And apparently, the A/C goes on throughout the Spring and throughout the Fall, so I am dealing with it 3 seasons of frigid temps throughout the year. And then in the winter, the thermostat is still set to low, so I am freezing during the winter in my office also.

I am constantly uncomfortable.

I honestly cannot function well in cold temps. My fingers do not type as fast and I am not at my optimal. However, at my current office, space heaters are banned, so I have to wrap myself with a shawl, which often leaves lint on my clothes, or fear freezing.

And yes – it affects what I wear to work, which bothers me a lot. I like wearing fashionable clothes to work, but it is no fun layering clothes, to attend work, when the outside is gorgeous and warm. I don’t feel like I can dress for myself, but always have to ensure that I am dressing for my office temperature.

And it goes to a deeper issue, doesn’t it? The composition of the office work place has changed. It is no longer solely populated by those who typically, prefer the temperature cool, which provides their optimal work place environment. The office work place is changing in composition and it is even seeping into management.

So – now the mix of decision makers need different environments to flourish.

And honestly, I am tired of adapting. For years, I have had to either populate my office with space heaters, humidifiers or wraps, to endure. And I am done. As a business owner, I want my needs to be considered. I cannot flourish in an environment that does not acknowledge, that I have different needs, to succeed. And if I am succeeding, so is the business.

And so, I will continue to a disturber on this issue. I have the right to have an office environment, that recognizes that I need a different temperature to succeed! And trust me – I am not alone.

The cooler temperatures have been keeping me from being at my optimal – BUT NO MORE!

But that’s just one Diva’s view.

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Walking in their shoes….

Here in Ontario, we are slowly making progress towards a return to normal. More people have received their first dose and we are now celebrating second doses and slowly re-opening our retail and restaurants. So you would think that there is a lot of optimism being felt. But I think that with everything that we have undergone, the hope is a little dimmed.

And the sadness is being amplified with all of the horrors we are seeing take place around the world, but especially in our backyard. The discovery of the bodies of 215 indigenous children at a residential school, was especially challenging for our family. As a mom, I could not imagine the pain of having your children forcibly removed from your home, to experience years of physical, mental and sexual torture.

As a child, the hate and resentment that must have been experienced towards all adults, including family, would understandably have such a lasting legacy, resulting in generational abuse and harm. The discussion is being held at our schools and our kids have been having very honest discussions with us. My 7 year old, was especially upset, when speaking about how the only way out for many indigenous children, was suicide. Our kids have put themselves, if only for a moment, in the shoes of those innocent children and you can see the despair that they have been experiencing. Walking in their shoes and what this represents is a tragic legacy in our country.

And then on Sunday, even more tragedy close to home. A Muslim family, out for a stroll in the evening, was specifically run down because they are Muslim. The entire family – mom, dad, grandma and daughter were killed and the orphan, still in hospital, is a 9 year old boy, who when he is told, will have his life ripped out from under him. Again, my family put ourselves in the shoes of this family. We often go for family walks in the evening, throughout the Spring and Summer. We treasure those moments together, when you speak about everything and anything and just enjoy the beautiful night, being with the ones you love. The overwhelming feeling of sadness over such a senseless act, continues the feeling of grief.

I have no words to describe the uncontrollable sadness these events, and so many others throughout the pandemic, have caused. We are urged to keep trying to find happiness and joy, throughout the pandemic and one of the recommendations has been to go for walks and spend time together as a family. And now that bastion of normalcy, has been stolen, for so many.

And so, as we slowly return back to “normal” with increased vaccines and the reopening of our community, I hope we do not forget these tragedies so close to home. We as a country, like to pride ourselves, as stating, “That would never happen in our backyard”, but they did.

We need to remember and honour the lives lost.

We need to recognize that hate, in all forms, is a part of the fabric of our society, instead of trying to pretend that it is not.

We need to educate and discuss.

And we need to make change.

Just putting ourselves in the shoes of those lost, has left an indelible imprint on me – one that I will carry, even when we are over this pandemic.

But that’s just one Diva’s view.

Memorable Birthday of yore

With the lockdown in effect here in Ontario, travel having been a distinct memory, and a birthday on the horizon, I keep coming back to one of my most memorable birthdays, to provide some joy and solace.

My then fiance, now husband, was stationed in Sudan. We were going to travel to India to do our wedding shopping but decided to take a few days before that, to spend some time together. We decided to meet up in Dubai.

On the day of my actual birthday, we spent the day exploring Dubai. However, in the evening, we decided to go out for dinner at the restaurant at one of the high end hotels. The ambience was gorgeous and after dinner, we decided to walk around the hotel grounds.

Like most structures and properties in Dubai, it was simply stunning. The hotel was adjacent to the Persian Gulf and the night air was warm. It was honestly magical. We walked and talked and after not having seen each other for close to 5 months, it was so good to see each other in person. We decided to sit along the water, and dip our feet into the Gulf. It was gorgeous. We were surrounded by lush flowers and landscape. We were full from a scrumptious dinner and now we were sitting along the coast, with our toes dipped in the water. It was perfect. The sky was full of stars, and there was such a peace to the moment.

That moment comes to me a lot, when I need a moment to recharge me. I do not remember how long we sat like that. I could not tell you what we were wearing. But I can smell that air anywhere. And I can feel that moment anywhere. That’s the beauty of travel, isn’t it. Not just the moment itself, but having those moments to look back on. To provide us some comfort during a hard day, or a snowy day in April!

I look forward to making those type of moments again. I cannot wait to make new memories with my family.

But that’s just one Diva’s view.