The perfect first snow

Yesterday was the first proper snow we have had for 2023. We did not have any snow during the Winter break and our kids were disappointed because they love playing in the snow.

But yesterday when the snow hit, it hit. My husband I cleared some snow before picking up the kids from school, as I worked from home, but the wind was high and it was challenging making any inroads clearing the snow. We decided to tackle the major snow removal after dinner. I was also excited to wear my new snow pants that my husband had purchased me, which provided great protection in the snow – love them (fashion is always a part of my experience)!

By the time we went out, it was around 9pm and we did not want to disturb the neighbours with the snow blower. We decided to shovel the snow ourselves. And that was quite a work out. The snow was perfect for snowballs – perfectly packed, but quite heavy. So the snow removal was quite a workout. We received about 15 cms of snow, and it was heavy and a lot. But it was actually fun clearing the snow. It was just my husband and I and I referred to it as our “date night”. We worked in tangent, tackling each area until it was done.

There is something very satisfying about clearing snow. You instantly see the results and if you catch the snow before it becomes icy, then the snow removal can be quite steady and continuous. By the time we were outside, the wind from earlier had stopped and it was actually not too cold. I actually took off my gloves. It was the perfect winter night. There is something magical about a night like that.

When we finished, I decided to take advantage of the perfect packing snow, and threw some snow balls at my husband. This resulted in a mini snowball fight, which still causes me to smile. It was pure joy.

When I went inside, one of my daughters, dressed in her penguin onesie (it is very cozy) decided she wanted in on the fun. She put on her boots, but rushed out without a coat because she did not want to miss out on the snow fun. I quickly transferred my coat, hat and gloves to her and off she went to throw snow at her Papa. And I rushed inside to get my phone and capture the moment. Their laughs filled the air as they threw snow at each other, pushing each other into the snow and making snow angels.

I have spoken about rejuvenation before, and this was one of those perfect moments that I will cherish forever, which filled me. Unplanned, joyous fun! It was perfect.

The joy everyone experienced, was the perfect end of our first snow day. We will never forget it. You would never know that Winter is my least favourite season!

But that’s just one Diva’s view.

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