Snowy days and community

So we had another snowy day. But this one was different than the last. We experienced a mix of freezing rain and snow that resulted in a very heavy snowfall to clear. To the credit of our Town, the roads for our tertiary street were cleared over night (very unusual) and we had a mound of snow piled up at the end of our driveway, to start our morning. But we also had a great start to our morning, because our next door neighbour, while clearing his driveway with his snow blower before work, cleared the sidewalk in front of our house, which was super nice.

We also had a snow day and schools were closed. So, the kids were home. We decided to make scones for breakfast, to make it special and then after we had checked our schedules for the morning, and after we had carved out some time, decided to tackle the snow removal.

Now, we have a snow blower but you will recall from my previous post on our last snowy day, we did not use it because we were clearing snow later in the evening that day. However, this time, it was mid morning and no one would be disturbed. This heavy snow needed a snow blower or the Rock to clear it. And so my husband went to power up the snow blower and ofcourse, it would not start; the engine just would not catch. And so, we decided to clear the snow on our own. And I will be honest, I was glad that I did not work out that morning, because the snow was heavy and icy and it was a definite workout. And the energy being put out, was not resulting in the same snow removal momentum as last time. But we kept at it.

While I was attacking the end of the driveway, I saw one of my neighbours down the street get stuck trying to back out his car. And so, my husband went over to help him and his brother push the car. While they were doing this, another neighbour joined to help and they were able to get the car clear and our neighbour went off to work.

When my husband returned, we resumed snow clearing and realized this was a bigger task than we had anticipated, especially, without the snow blower. So we decided to take a break, return back to working and then would go out later in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, while working, our door bell rang, and our retired neighbour from across the street, stopped by. He told us that he had seen us having issues with our snow blower and offered to do clear our driveway. My husband said he would try one last time to get our snow blower started and if not, we might take him up on his generous offer. And so, we trekked back outside and ofcourse, the snow blower would not start. And we started clearing it again with shovels and realized, we needed the help. And so after having his tea, my neighbour came over and plowed our driveway. When my husband offered him a box of tea as a thank you, my neighbour declined and said that being neighbours means helping one another; that’s what it meant to be a good neighbour. Wise words.

And while my husband was outside, he and another neighbour helped our other next door neighbour clear his driveway and they all caught up with one another. Clearing snow is a bonding experience.

And honestly, it reminded me again why we are so fortunate to live on the street that we do, surrounded by the amazing neighbours that we have. We all help one another. We all care about one another and we all look out for one another. That’s a pretty amazing community to be a part of. With all of the issues going on in the world, it is nice to know, that on our little corner of the street, we have neighbours from all different backgrounds, who have created a community that makes everyone feel included and engaged, especially on a snowy, freezing rain kind of day.

But that’s just one Diva’s view.

#Snowy Day #Community

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